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45-071 Opole
tel./fax: (077) 453-88-82, (077) 456-00-32

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Voluntary Labour Corps - VLC in Opolskie Voivodship

VLC in Opolskie Voivodship is an organizational unit of Voluntary Labour Corps. On the territory of  provice we have 9 educational units in: Głubczyce, Brzeg, Kędzierzyn – Koźle, Nysa, Opole, Dąbrówka Dolna, Namysłów, Polanowice i Olesno. 1000 participants, among who 100 people accommodated in dormitories in Olesno, Brzeg and Dąbrówka Dolna attend there.

We educate in such professions as: a mason, a cook, a seller, a car mechanic, a car tinman, a locksmith, a carpenter, a baker, a sanitary installation mechanic, a confectioner, a gloss painter and a gardener.

We realize European Social Found’s projects. Since 2004 we have performed 5 Main Headquarters’ and 2 Education and Labour Youth Centre’s projects. The total amount of realized projects is 4 713 308,03 zł, among which ESF 3 568 234,09 zł from ESF funds.
As Education and Labour Youth Centre we offer a job agency, a job counseling and traings. We have offers of full-time job, part-time job in the country and abroad. We organize trainings and courses giving experience and retrainigs.  
In the structure of the Education and Labour Youth Centre there works the Youth Job Agency with its branches, Job Clubs, Youth Career Center, Center of Professional Training and Mobile Center of Vocational Information.

The Mobile Center of Vocational Information organizes schools workshops in cities and municipalities, where similar insitutions don’t work in everyday life.
As international cooperation we organize youth exchenge projects, work practics, tutors meetings and European Voluntary Service (EVS), cooperating with partners from Lithuania, Germany, Czech Republic, Estonia, Ukraine, Byelorus, Romania, Hungary and France.
We have cooperated with Lithuanian Alytus for the longest time (12 years) organizing youth summer camps every year. Since 2001 we have worked with German Gera. We gain subventions from "Youth in Action" Programme and Polish-German Youth Cooperation. Every year nearly 150 young people from Poland and abroad takes part in our international projects. Costs of such activities are about 100 000 zł yearly.

VLC in Opolskie Voivodship realizes tasks connected with youth workers salary costs refund.
You are welcomed to our quarter to receive information about our activities.

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